Name: Zinc

Age:  12-18 Mths Approx 

Breed: Husky X

Sex:    Male

Needs Training

Active Family

No Cats

No Children



& Neutered

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  Ideal Home

ZINC is hoping his stay in kennels is nearing an end soon as he is really hating not having a human of his own!

After coming in to us via the dog warden not chipped and had nothing to identify him we welcomed him in and gave him a name and a place to stay whilst he served his days as a stray before being transferred to us to rehome.

When Zinc first arrived he wasn’t sure of us but preferred females however the more time he has been here the friendlier he has become to everyone! He loves us all, he will happily accompany anyone on a walk and accept fusses

On the lead he is very strong clearly not having had much work done in the past so we have taken on the challenge to get him walking better and slowly he has began to improve, this has been helped by using a Canny Collar. We have now got him on a figure of 8 lead and has come on tremendously, with a experienced handler he can walk beautifully.

Zinc is a bright, exuberant boy who just hasn’t had much in the way of obedience/training so his manners are a lot to be desired however we have started to instill some and he is learning more and more everyday. He can now sit at door ways and every time when asked, give paw and lie down.

Off lead in the playpen he loves a good zoom round, he also fetch and retrieve toys.. until he’s bored then moves on to something else!

When Zinc first arrived he was very unsure around all other dogs, he could react but has been in boot camp since and he has come on SO much he has even been introduced to other dogs whilst on the lead and he was a very good boy! He does need this education contiued and furthered but he has made such good headway we are optimistic that he will continue to improve! For this reason training classes are a must for this boy’s new home check list!!

Given the right guidance and a firm but fair handler Zinc will make a cracking dog for someone who has the time, experience and patience to commit.

No cats, children or other dogs in the home

Viewings by appointment only -

please call the kennels on 01299 269181