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Crossbreed, Female

Approx 4-5 Years

Sweetpea is such a special girl who will need a very special home, with experience, who are happy to help this beautiful girl become the dog she so wants to be and so deserves to be. Patience is the key, but this amazing girl will be so worth it. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Sweetpea is in a foster home and here is what her fosterer has to say about her:

She’s extremely nervous, but has come on so much in the 14 weeks she been with me. I would stress that despite the nerves I have never met a gentler dog before.

She’s at her most confident when out on walks, which she absolutely loves now. The outside world is a new revelation to her and she just can’t get enough of it. She is so happy when out walking with her tail held high and wagging. On a long lead she will do zoomies and play about like a young puppy.

At home she is less confident but has started to enjoy fuss and will occasionally play with a toy or sofa cushion! She frequently plays with the other dogs. When the other dogs come for attention she joins in, but is less brave when on her own.

She is at her most anxious in the car – this will need to be worked on. Because she’s so gentle she will let you lift her into the car without a problem but she truly finds being in a moving vehicle terrifying.

Her new home will need a very secure garden, with 6 foot fencing as a minimum – she’s an agile girl and when scared can and will jump.

She also needs a home with another dog, as her confidence has grown due to being with my dogs. She’s very submissive with other dogs but does love to follow them and learn from them. They give her the confidence to understand that life can be fun and that not all people are going to want to hurt her. She absolutely loves to play with dogs too. Because she’s anxious I don’t think a busy home with lots of coming and going would suit her.

She enjoys the security of her crate at night, although she doesn’t like to be shut in it. She also likes to eat in her crate, with no one around to worry her. She sleeps alone through the night without a peep. I also leave her at home for up to 3 hours, with another dog for company, without issue.

House training is work in progress but when she does go in the house she always goes on a pee pad. She doesn’t yet have the confidence to signal she needs to go out, but she toilets when taken out for a walk and if she has access to the garden, will go outside to do her business as long as she feels comfortable doing so – i.e. no neighbours digging up patios or similar scary noises!

I can’t pretend Sweetpea won’t need patience, time and tolerance, but I absolutely know watching her become a happy confident girl will make it all worthwhile and the end result will be a truly special dog.