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Saluki X, Female

Approx 1-2 years

Meet our lovely girl Ruby who has come in to us as a stray via another rescue.

Ruby is full of the joys of spring, she is always smiling and always happy to say hello to everyone and everything, she hasn't got a bad bone in her!

On the lead she can get excited and leap around but does settle, specially once she has had a really good blast round the playpen which she does at 100 moles an hour for as long as she can!

Ruby is defintely looking for an active home where she can burn of that excess energy which she has lots of!

She is very affectionate, cuddly and attentive however equally she can be a jack in the box jumping up and all over the shop.. typical young lurcher! As such she may not be best suited with small chldren just in case she accidently knocks them/jumps up, specially when she has almost bowled staff members over!

Ruby could quite happily live with another dog, specially another sighthound to tear round with and keep up with her! Equally she wouldn't mind the sofa to herself and doggy friends to see out and about :)

Unfortuantely Ruby is a chaser of small furries so no cats/other small animals.