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Cocker Spaniel, Male

Approx 3-4 years

Pixo, our little whirlwind, is keeping his paws crossed his dashing good looks and charm will get him a forever home soon!

Pixo was picked up by the dog warden and never claimed so he has been added to the ranks of our ever increasing family! He was in quite a state when he was first found, heavily matted and a tad underweight, he is now much better though still in need of a professional haircut his mat's are no more.

If you are looking for a super active lad to accompany you on lots of long walks then Pixo is the boy for you, he is always up for a walk and will go and go all day long - he will definitely require a home where he can get the miles in!

Pixo is very good with other dogs, he has been off with a few since being here once he has done his sniffing and business he does like to have a play but isn't incessant in doing so, he does read dogs pretty well. We feel he could live with another provided temperaments suit or he would be equally happy at being the only dog.

On the lead he can be irratic to say the least, if allowed to do so he is pulling up from the entire time racing to get there quicker, nose to the floor and not a care in the world! We have began to do some leadwork with him but this will need to be continued in his new home.

Pixo does take a few minutes to gauge people, just to give them the once over to check they are ok then he is all over them, he just needs a bit of space to begin with then its cuddles galore!

As he can be a tad wary to begin and has come in to us with no history we would suggest no/older children only.

Once he has had some training and manners instilled he will make a cracking pet!