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Name: Picanto

Age:    2-3 Years Approx

Breed: Crossbreed

Sex:    Male

Dog Friendly

Needs Training & Active home

Not Cat Tested

No under 5's



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  Ideal Home

Picanto has just had the final tick in the box for his assessment which now means that he is ready to get started looking for a new home! 

Picanto came in to us as a stray with no chip, no collar or anything to identify who he was. Sadly nobody came forward to claim him so he has made Forest Dog Rescue his new home...for now :)

Picanto pretty much flew through all of his assessment, not really putting a foot out of place however there are areas we have identified he could do with a bit of work!

On the lead he can be a bit erratic and all over the shop, given correct instructions he can walk to heel however if allowed he will tow you to every sight and sniff going! 

In the playpen he does have to sniff every inch before he is even remotely interested in fuss, people or toys - sniffs are #1!. Once his scouting about is done he will actually engage, come over to you and enjoy a good fuss and is a particular fan of a bum rub! He will sometimes chase a toy but he is definitely not a retriever. As you can imagine with his love of sniffing his recall will need lots of work before being let off the lead. 

Upon first meeting Picanto can seem quite aloof, more interested in everything going on around him and more excited for his walk however given a bit of time he is an affectionate little boy!

Picanto could either live with or without another dog, he has been great with all dogs here, generally not too interested in them or interacting with them.

We will be looking for an active home for him, he is a bright energetic terrier who has energy to burn and enthusiasm to boot! 

Viewings by appointment only -

please email the kennels for an application form [email protected]