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SBT X, Male

Approx 2 Years

Our handsome boy OSCAR is looking for a new home after coming in to us due to guarding issues in his previous home, the behaviourist who assessed him there gave him hope to say his issues can be worked on but would be better in an alternate environment so full details will be given to those interested in rehoming him.

Oscar is only 2 years old, he came in to us super shut down, not wanting to leave the comfort of his bed and trembled 😞

Since his arrival he has come on massively he is now much happier and his confidence is improving daily!

We are looking for an experienced home who can be firm but fair with him, he is the type of dog who needs rules and boundaries otherwise he will get too big for his boots. Oscar does have a good level of basic obedience, he sometimes can try and jump up for the lead when he gets excited but if you tell him to sit and leave he will. We have had no issues with him guarding anything whilst he has been with us.

Although he’s not been off to play with other dogs he does seem to get on well with them and wanting to socialise with them.. his favourite game is to race Fender the lurcher up and down the playpen when they are either side of the fence. We do think he could be a bit over the top but there doesn’t seem to be any malice.. just lots of wagging tails and play bowing!

On the lead he can be a bit of a tank and can tow you along however given correct instructions he can and will walk beautifully but this will need continued work in his new home.

Oscar will need a home with no children and ideally local to us where support can be at hand from our behaviourist should there be a need.

Oscar really is keeping his paws crossed for a second chance