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Nico has sadly been returned to us due to a change in circumstance in the home, this meant that they could no longer keep him and fulfil his needs so the search is on to find his forever home ASAP!

Nico is a BIG friendly boy who loves everyone he meets, he is super loving and just a big soppy puppy!

On the lead Nico can be strong at times, he is being walked on a firgure of 8 lead and with a few reminders he is able to keep his keen hound nose off the floor and walk to heel.

Nico loves to be with someone, he is a social butterfly that relishes in the company of others whether that be human or canine! Nico does have separation anxiety so ideally would like someone around alot and potentially another dog to keep him company.

He is still a big puppy so we would ideally like him to be enrolled in training classes to conitnue with his education and get his brain engaged! He loves being told he is a good boy and loves his treats so training should be a doddle!

Nico would very much like an active family, a big garden to play in & explore, he would also like to be a lap big dog and happily sleep at the foot of your bed if he could (though not much sure how much room he would leave you.. hehe!)

We are hoping that he won't be in kennels for much longer as he is hating every single minute :(