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Name: Mylo

Age:    9 Years Approx

Breed: SBT

Sex:    Male

Dog friendly

Companion home

Not cat tested

No under 5's


Vaccinated & neutered

  Ideal Home

Our boy Mylo has come in to us as a stray, we thought he would be well on his way home within the day however it was not meant to be,  despite everything being put in place so his owner could have him back she told us to just keep him :(

To say Mylo is hating kennels is an understatement, he is possibly the worst we have ever seen at least for a long time, he cries, whines, and screams constantly so much so he is loosing his voice, desperately seeking someone to come and see him, he has made his nose red raw from pushing it through the bars to get out or see someone. He has broken all of our hearts and we are so desperate to find him a forever home and never have to see kennels ever again! 

On the lead he can be strong and will need some training to get him to slow down and have a loose lead however he will walk past anything without taking a blind bit of notice. 

He is absolutely ignorant of other dogs, he doesn't give them even a second glance and quite happily walks alongside Zak on his walkies. 

Mylo is very stressed in kennels so his full wonderful personality isn't glistening through yet but we know it will with time.

All Mylo wants is a person, a home and company, he is totally heartbroken here.

Viewings are by appointment only - 

please email our kennels for an application form - [email protected]