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Our lovely boy max has found himself back up for rehoming again, unfortunately there was an altercation with one of the resident JRT's so the heartbreaking decision was made for him to be returned to us to find a better suited home.

We did manage to find another home for Max sadly less then 24 hours later he was back in his kennel as they didn't feel like they could cope with his 'zoomy moments' and felt he need a more secure garden so sadly he was returned to us.

The vast majority of the time max is as laid back as they come, taking everything in his stride but he can have excited moments and will literally jump from standing, upwards - he is a big boy to be doing so! For this reason alone we would be looking for a home with no children to avoid any accidental injuries if he forgets himself and knocks a child over.

On the lead he generally walks well with a nice loose lead, should he see something he can do his famous high jumps but will soon settle if given direction. Max's walking companion at the moment is Chili (who is also up for rehoming) as sadly his partner in crime Olivia has since been rehomed. We would either be looking for a dog free home for Max or one with a dog a similar/bigger size. such as a sighthound like himself that could cope with his boisterous play.

Max is incredibly affectionate, loves to do the lurcher lean and have plenty of fuss. He has been absolutely brilliant with everyone he has met, aside from jumping up to greet them at eye level, he just loves people.

Off lead Max loves to hooly round the play pen going as fast as he possibly can, once done he will resume his position by your side to resume the cuddles!

Max will be looking for an active home and one where he could participate in some training to get him up to scratch with his basic commands and obedience. Once given some guidance, time, love and patience we feel he will make a beautiful and loyal family addition.

No cats.