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Lab X, Male

Approx 18 Months

Big boy Marshall has flew through his assessment with near enough full marks, we have let him know and he is super excited to hear that he could soon find his new home!

Marshall has come in to us via another rescue with no history but straight from the off we could see he was a friendly outgoing boy!

He is a typical youngster who wakes up everyday excited for the adventures to come, he is always happy and wagging to great you and never says no to a walkies!

He does need some basic commands/manners as he can and will jump up, with him being such a big boy it's not pleasant when you are greeted with paws in your face! so we have started to teach him that he will only get fuss and praise when all four feet are on the floor but this is still a work in progress. Because of his size and enthusiasm to jump up we will be looking for a home with older children who are used to boisterous dogs that he won't accidentally bowl over or catch with a claw.

On the lead he can be a bit all over the place but we have introduced him to a gencon which he has responded really well to and walks to heal beautifully.

Marshall will need an active home where he can get the training he needs to help him become a well rounded adult :)