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Name: Marley

Age:    1-2 Years Approx

Breed:   Akita

Sex:    Male

Dog Free home

Needs Training

Active home

No under 10's


Vaccinated & Neutered

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  Ideal Home

Some of you may recognise this very handsome boy...  originally Marley came in to us as a stray, he was a serial escape artist being a frequent visitor however the last time nobody came to claim him so he was transferred to us to rehome. 

We did manage to find Marley a home however he was returned to us as he was back up to his old tricks of escaping but sadly this time he had an altercation with another dog so the family decided it was best for him to find a new home. 

We then found Marley another home not too long after sadly again he was returned to us due to separation anxiety, with his behaviour when left unfortunately their circumstance couldn't alter to accommodate his needs.   

Marley has now landed back in kennels again... and to say he is hating it is an understatement. 

His behaviour had really deteriorated since leaving us in December last year. He had become incredibly strong on the lead using all 50 of his 50kg to tow you around and his tolerance of dogs was none existent to the point he was reacting at them left right and centre where as before he loved playing with other dogs (Poacher the Lurcher was his best friend). 

So far Marley is responding to our consistent training, with a firm handler and a slip lead he can walk lovely, more direction is needed when there are distractions but even now he is becoming less and less reactive and more and more back to the Marley we know and love. 

Unfortunately in his previous home he wasn't getting much exercise out of the garden so we are very much looking for a home to take him on those long walks to different places we know he wants, he is a young, active boy who just wants to get out and see the world! 

Marley's favourite place is outside, rain or shine he will happily spend hours sunbathing or mooching round the garden. Given his history Marley will need a very securely fenced garden to ensure he doesn't continue his habit of a lifetime - even a gap in the fence or a hole underneath will make his imagination run wild with the world of opportunities the other side.. hehe! 

Marley loves people, he is one of the friendliest Akita's we have ever had, he gets a proper waggy tail, he loves a fuss and will return his love with a big wet sloppy kiss. 

We will suggest to any potential owner for him to attend dog training classes and socialisation classes, he is trainable, he is bright and he wants to be a good boy, he just needs to be shown how and given the opportunity to shine!

We are hoping that for Marley it is third time lucky, he hasn't had the best starts so lets hope his luck will change and has a better future!

Viewings by appointment only -

please email our kennels for an application form - [email protected]

Click the link here to see Marley in action!