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Name: Kieran

Age:    6 Years Approx

Breed: Crossbreed

Sex:    Male

Needs another dog

No Cat tested

Calm & quiet home

No under 10's


Vaccinated & neutered

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  Ideal Home

Kieran has been with us since the beginning of March but has taken a little longer then most to arrive at the point where we feel he is ready to rehome. Kieran came in to us from another rescue where his history although hazy doesn't appear to have been the nicest, we are hoping we can change all that and turn his life around! 

When Kieran arrived with us to say he was shut down was an understatement. He was incredibly frightened, totally bewildered and completely withdrawn. 

It took our staff a long time of sitting in, nearby, around him to show him we meant no harm. For at least the first few days he just stayed planted in his bed, to fearful to move unless in the cover of darkness. 

As we always left Kieran access to the back of his kennel he was always able to see the other dogs enjoying their walks. It then became apparent that he really seems to like dogs, moving forward to see them and getting excited as they approach. With this in mind we began sitting outside of his kennel with various dogs to help him see that humans are friends too. 

He soon developed a bond with a dog called Rose, Rose has now been rehomed but she helped tremendously in his journey. With his growing friendship in Rose he began to trust us, so much so we managed to get collars on him and begin to fuss/touch him

The next step was then leaving the kennel, we started by getting him used to the lead, we just clipped it on and held it loose with no pressure or direction whatsoever. To begin with he used to bite the lead in fear but the more we did the better he got. Once he was happy we then lead him down a short corridor for a play date with rose in the playpen and led him back. 

From then he has gone from strength to strength, he now walks out on the fields with no problems, there can be the odd occasion where he might be spooked but he has come on that much he is going out with some of our regular volunteers! 

We do think that Kieran will take steps backwards when moving to a new home, he still has a long way to go but with time, patience, understanding and experience we think he will get there. 

He is still very cautious of people he doesn't know though now rather then running away, if they ignore him he will come up and have a sniff then once he's sussed you out you can fuss him. 

We do think that Kieran will do best with another dog for companionship and confidence, to learn from. He is playful and still has lots of energy so a dog who can match this but not be too overpowering for him would be ideal.

Kieran will need lots of work going forward but the steps he has already made fills us with hope that he will continue to progress forward!

Viewings by appointment only -

please email the kennels for an application form

[email protected]