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Crossbreed, Female

Approx 4 years

Meet our beautiful girl Jorja who has come in to us from the dog warden after being found as a stray, we thought with how well cared for she looked an owner would be up to claim her ASAP but sadly nobody did despite being chipped, the details were not up to date still registered to her breeder.

Jorja has a beautiful nature, she is gentle, loving and has made us laugh everyday since she arrived! She is certainly a favourite here!

On the lead she can be strong at times but the odd 'check' here and there works a treat, she generally plods in front of you but we feel further work could be done to get her to heel.

Off lead in the playpen after a mooch about she loves playing chase, if you pretend to catch her she goes all silly and does her zoomies before coming back for a good bum scratch!

We have had no issues with her since she has been here, she can sometimes be a bit shy and unsure but her confidence has come on massively in the last week.

Jorja is quite wary of other dogs, we don’t believe she has been around them much however she’s not made one murmer towards any but is clearly unsure of them so we are looking for a dog free home and one where she can get some socialisation to show her dogs can be friends 🙂

We would say that she would benefit a fairly chilled home to bring her on in confidence and cherish her like we do here!