Name: Faye

Age:....... 6 Years Approx


Sex:........ Female

No other dogs in home

Needs Training

Not Cat tested

No under 5's



& Neutered

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...Ideal Home

Meet our lovely girl Faye who would very much like to get her paws in to her own home after coming in to us from another rescue with no history or story to tell :(

Sadly we are unsure of what Faye has been up to in her life so far but we do know she has had previous trauma/damage to her front right leg, sadly it's quite disformed and does cause some lameness/limping. Although it doesn't hold her back remotely we are waiting to get her in to an orthopedic specialist to get a secondary opinion. 

Faye loves meeting new people, she is always the first at the front of the queue for fuss and cuddles! Her love of people can be a slight downside when she is on the lead specially is she see someone she knows she does pull towards them to go and say hello - bless her!

Generally Faye does walk really well on the lead, oblivious of other dogs, just needing the odd reminder here and there to walk to heel but she can occasionally jump up/around, this is usually when excited/first out of her kennel.

 Off lead in the play pen she absolutely loves to tear round getting the wind in her ears! She does sometimes play with toys but usually more interested in chasing then carrying on hoolying around!

We are looking for a dog free home for her as the rescue before us had her off lead with other dogs and she didn't like them specially in her face. We have found her to be ignorant of them choosing to avoid them at every opportunity even when they are barking in their kennels as she walks by so we feel she would be much happier being the only pampered pooch in her new home! She does have some doggy friends here, one of which is Arthur who is very indifferent to dogs, submissive and just leaves them alone so as a walking buddy suits fay very well (they are both pictured above)

Faye is incredibly affectionate, she has a beautiful nature and really would make a beautiful family pet, we don't have any bad words to say about her.

Viewings by appointment only -

please email the kennels for an application form

[email protected]