Name: Falcon

Age:    1-2 Years Approx

Breed: Terrier

Sex:    Male

No dogs

Needs Training

No Cats

No children


Active home

  Ideal Home

Falcon came in to us via the dog warden, he sadly wasn't wearing any identification and wasn't chipped, unfortunately no owner came forward to claim him so he has been transferred to us to help him find a new and forever home!  

Falcon is a typical super active young terrier who is ALWAYS on the go and up for the next adventure! He will need a very active home to keep up with him and keep him out of mischief! 

On the lead Falcon is a bit of a puller, he wants to get everywhere as soon as he can and completely forgets he has a human attached to the end so further work will need to be done to help him walk to heel.

Falcon requires a home with no other dogs, we don't think he has had much experience around them as he is very focused on their presence on the field. We have started some work with him using yummy sausages to divert his attention and he has been doing really well but this will need to be continued in his new home.

Off lead in the playpen he loves to have a good hoof around, mostly unitlisting his nose to sniff as much as he can, generally he isn't too bothered about toys unless the mood takes him. He will need work on his recall as in the big wide world there may be too many things for him to get distracted by instead of coming back to his owner! 

Overall Falcon is a great little project specially for someone with some terrier experience, he will need to attend some training classes but he does show lots of trainability!

Viewings by appointment only -

please email our kennels for an application form - [email protected]