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Name: Eva

Age:    8 Years Approx

Breed: SBT X

Sex:    Female

Dog free home

calm and quiet home

Not Cat Tested

No children under 5



& Neutered

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  Ideal Home

Our beautiful Eva has been ready since day one to leave kennels, she is hating every single second so we hope her new home comes along soon! Eva came in to us as a stray bizarrely her microchip had her down as 'deceased'.. we thought we were going to then have an emotional reunion with her family, sadly it was not meant to be. We tried and tried to get through to her owners but nobody answered or came to take her home, so she has joined our family. 

Eva can be quite aloof with new people, not really interested in them and opting to do her own thing but she does get there like she has come best friends with all of our staff, it just takes her a little time - who can blame her with loosing all she has known, coming in to kennels, leaving her family behind and having to start again with no familiarity. 

Out and about is when Eva is at her happiest, her tail never stops wagging and she is a typical happy Staffy! On the lead she can walk nicely but at times can be a tad strong, she just needs the odd reminder and she is right back to a loose lead.  

We have walked Eva round our fields with many different dogs and it is clear that she wants nothing to do with them, she is usually completely ignorant and goes out of her way to avoid. She has had some close interactions where she either completely blanks their existence or if they come up to her face she does tell them off, as such we will be looking for a dog free home for her :)

Eva looooves to go in the playpen, she is mad about toys and balls and will retrieve and play all day long - she will certainly need a fair size garden where she can have a romp about and game of tennis!

Despite Eva's age she is still an active girl who would walk and walk all day long so she will need a home where she can enjoy lots of walkies and also lots of cuddles! 

Viewings by appointment only -

please email the kennels for an application form - [email protected]

Click the link here to see Eva cooling down, playing with the hosepipe!