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Terrier, Male

Approx 3 years

Is anyone after a super active cheeky chappy? If so the we have just the boy…

Dodger is ready to pack his bags for good and get off to his forever home!

He is looking for a dog and child free home as he does need his training continued for trading high value items. Dodger can be a bit protective over the possessions he wants but this only goes as far as the item he currently has in his paws/mouth, so we have been working with trading toys and he is keen to learn!

He is full of fun and frolics, he makes us laugh daily and will make a brilliant pet for someone active enough to keep up with him!

 Dodger certainly isn’t a couch potato and absolutely loves his walks, adventures and playtime's so will need an active home!

In the playpen he has a whale of a time chasing (and sometimes retrieving) toys and full pelt zooming about! he has got some speed!

Once he is familiar with his surroundings he is confident and outgoing, he can be shy/timid when unsure of new things.. we introduced him to the scary washing machine and he just hid behind out legs! second introduction to the washing machine was much better so he just needs a bit of a confidence boost with unfamiliar surroundings/situations.

Dodger absolutely loves everyone he meets however he can be selective with the dogs he likes.

To see him in action please follow this link: