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Dixie is now ready to say hello in the hopes she finds her forever home soon! She originally came in to us via another rescue so sadly we don't have any history on her.

Since she first arrived she has come such a long way, from trying to hide away from us to being at the front of her kennel always happy and wagging longing for her next walk!

Dixie could do with some lead work as she can be a bit all over the shop and a little unsure where she should and shouldn't walk, we have began to work with her but this will need to be continued in her new home.

She gets on well with other dogs and has even been off lead with Toffee where she was a very good girl, though she is on the submissive side. So if she were to be rehomed with another dog it would need to be one that wouldn't be too much or overly dominant with her.

Dixie loves fuss and cuddles galore, she is an oversize teddy bear that would happily sit on your lap and provide you with lots of kisses!

Dixie will need an active home with a secure garden.