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Daisy & Billy

JRT x Pug's

Approx 5-6 years

Billy & Daisy the jug duo are looking for their new home together, after coming to us from another rescue where they were signed over. They have always been together so we are hoping they can remain together in their forever home!

Daisy is the white and red and Billy is the brown, they are both full of life, they love their walks and every opportunity to explore!

Of lead in the playpen they love to have a run around, Billy is all about balls and will retrieve them all day long, daisy just follows after for the fun of it sometimes picking it up if the mood takes her but soon drops it for Billy.

Both are very affectionate and do take turn in having cuddles from their human.

They seem to get on well with other dogs though on the lead sometimes Billy’s mouth works first and can bark at them but we feel this is out of excitement and will stop when told. However as they are a bonded pair we are looking for a home where they will be the only dogs in the home.

On the lead they do walk pretty well specially when they are at either side of you, it can turn in to a bit of a race when they are side by side of each other like the picture below.