Name: Cara

Age:    12 Months Approx

Breed: .Bullbreed

Sex: .   Female

Dog friendly

Needs Training

Not cat tested

No Children under 10



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  Ideal Home

Our absolutely beautiful Cara has now been gladly welcomed in to the FDR family after coming in to us as a stray and not claimed. She has served her days as a stray and is now hopefully waiting as we've told her the perfect family is out for her, we just need to find them! 

Cara's photos really don't do her justice to how gorgeous she is, she is just beautiful inside and out! We think she is possibly a Mastiff X, even potentially crossed with a Boxer, she is a big girl and has the energy and comedy value from both breeds! :)

When she first arrived she was very wary of everyone and everything, it was evident she hadn't seen mich of the outside world but she is a completely different dog now! 

Cara absolutely loves people, attention, cuddles and kisses, she can't get enough and such a people pleaser! she greets everyone with a waggy bum and paws in the air for a cuddle... we are trying to stop her jumping up for cuddles but we just can't help ourselves indulging sometimes! 

She now strolls round the fields with oodles of confidence and gladly says hello to everyone she meets both human and canine! 

Cara loves her toys and has more toys in her kennel then Toys'R'Us! She is very playful and puppylike, everything is a game and everything is fun.. even your sleeve which she finds hilarious to hold on to and play tug - oops! 

We do think that Cara could live with another dog but it would have to be one where they could cope with her over the top and boisterous play, and lack of personal space awareness when she charges around.. hehe! Though we do feel Cara would be equally as happy having her owners undivided attention and love all to herself! 

Cara has quickly become everyone's favourite, she is just so happy to see you, you can't help but smile when your with her! We are hoping we can find her happily ever after soon as she is really hating kennels. 

We do feel that Cara would benefit from some dog training to get her up to scratch with her basic commands, but once that's nailed we know she will be a beautiful family pet! 

We have advised no children under 10 due to her exuberance/jumping up and love of tugging sleeves. 

Viewings by appointment only -

please email our kennels for an application form - [email protected]