Name: Brianne

Age:    5 Years Approx

Breed: Crossbreed

Sex:    Female

No Dog's

Quiet & Calm Home

No Cats

No Children



& Neutered

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  Ideal Home

Brianne is hoping that she can soon find her forever home, despite bagging herself a lovely foster home this is only short term so we are keeping everything crossed that we can get her settled in to a new home so she doesn't have to come back to kennels.

Brianne is a lovely girl she just takes some trust and time to get to know someone to really show her loving and funny side!

On the lead she walks well, she can stare at other dogs at times if allowed to do so but a simple check of the lead and 'Ah-Ah!' and she stops immediately. Generally she bumbles along beside you without a care in the world enjoying her time out.

Brianne generally doesn't like the company of other dogs, and doesn't like it when they bark at her so we are looking for a dog free home. She is in no way looking for trouble just prefers to keep herself to herself, we did find her a walking pal who she seemed to get on quite well with, he was a small Staffy, so she can have friends - she just seems selective on who they are 🙂

Brianne would benefit a quieter home where she has company a lot of the time, she cries when we leave her in her kennel and it's heartbreaking to look in her sad eyes and walk away 🙁 She would make a great companion for someone!

As she can be a bit wary of new people we are looking for a child free home.

This is what her fosterer has to say about her:

"Brianne really is doing well.

She's had a few walks out now (as well as her daily walks around our fields). She went round Bringsty Common one day and right up to the Beacon. Poor love I don't think she is used to hills, but we just took our time. She also got to have a paddle in the stream which she enjoyed. She also had a couple of walks down some quiet country lanes .... she steps out a bit more on these. It's a bit more away from the distractions of rabbits in the hedgerow. She is very very interested in rabbits, squirrels or anything that moves. She's fine on the lead and will move on when asked but I think she would be chasing things if let off.

She's wonderful in the house. She must have lived in a house before. She is house trained and always asks to go out. She has a couple of beds in the house but has chosen the big memory foam one in the kitchen diner and spends many happy hours snoozing and snoring there. She will also snuggle up to me on the sofa in the evening. (she was invited!) and she will go to her own bed at bedtime without any fuss.

She's very well behaved around the house, no jumping up, no counter surfing or begging when food is prepared or being eaten. She has not been upstairs. She had a look but our stairs are very steep as we have a very old cottage, so she's not even tried to go up there.

If I'm working she will occasionally come over and put her head on my lap and ask for ear rubs.

A friend of mine came round to meet her on Sunday. she had a little bark when she arrived but it was more of a hello I'm excited and her tail was going crazy at the same time. I took her outside for introductions and she was immediately all love and fuss me fuss me. Basically she is anyone's for a bit of love"

Viewings by appointment only -

please email our kennels for an application form - [email protected]