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Crossbreed, Male

Approx 2 years

Sadly although we thought we had found a home for Ash he was returned due to us shortly after adoption, so he is keeping all four paws crossed for his real forever home!

Ash is a very friendly boy who loves meeting new people and making friends, he is quite the social butterfly! He loves fuss, hugs and kisses - which is ideal as his coat is suuuper soft and cuddly!

Ash's only downside is that he can be mouthy still, this can be curbed and we are able to get him to cease but continued training will need to be undertaken in his new home to combat it. There is absolutely no malice in this but he can be a little over the top and is not educated enough to know when to stop/what is too far but he is a bright boy who want's to please so once tackled he will be a beautiful well rounded dog!

On the lead he does walk well, there can be occaisions where he forgets himself but the odd reminder and he can walk to heel. Like with most of our dogs a bit of dog training/classes wouldn't go a miss!

Ash is good with other dogs, often going offlead for a good run around! Sadly his playmate Stanley has already been rehomed so he's had to put up with us humans to play with! :)

Due to ash's mouthing we are looking for a home with no/older children only, if it weren't for this he would be the perfect family dog.

No cats.