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Forest Dog Rescue News & Updates


February/March Newsletter

Posted on April 5, 2014 at 4:53 PM
Hello everyone! Hope you are all well and survived the winter floods etc, what a mess they left behind. Fortunately the fields here at FDR are starting to dry out and hopefully will be dry enough for the 1st Car Boot of 2014!
Before we get started on the updates, please accept my apologies for not sending out a Newsletter for February...we had 27 little beauties find their wonderful forever homes and a very successful Auction, the rain had pretty much scuppered any plans for improvements at the kennels til now.
 We are well on our way again now, an extension to the ‘Buttie Bar‘ is almost completed, 3 phase electric is being installed as you read (this will be brilliant for any future plans to expand with new buildings etc plus things won’t be going “blip followed by complete silence or darkness!”) hahaha.
Oop's we’ve jumped too far forward so lets go back to February and FDR’s amazing ‘Auction’ held at the ‘Gainsborough Hotel’, so well organised by Dave and Jeannette Hands (volunteers) and Wendy (FDR’s Secretary). It was a very entertaining evening enjoyed by all, amusing auctioneer too and there was a comedian at half time, food and drinks available to purchase, bargains galore to be had, what more could you ask, so if you missed this one, keep an eye open for the next auction, great fun all round plus there was just over an amazing £2,000 raised, well done all!
Very satisfying month for 27 of our 4 legged friends and the money pot topped up nicely too, thank you all for caring and for your continued support.
Ok back to March...34 dogs safely rehomed into loving families, old girl Bessie, Sheeba, Snowy and Misty  were amongst the lucky ones, such a good result and getting better by the month!
Plans are in the pipeline for even more improvements so will update those as and when they happen...exciting isn’t it!
Gardens are starting to show signs of life, new plants and trees going in and fingers crossed the rabbits continue to dine elsewhere, bless em, they are welcome back when we need a little pruning but not just yet please lol.
Unfortunately Karen and Tim have left FDR to start a new chapter in their lives, we wish them both all the very best in their chosen paths of employment and thank them both for all they have contributed to FDR as a charity, plus the difference they have made to so many dogs lives during their time here.
We look forward to bringing you more updates in May on our near approaching Car Boot on April 6 and St Georges Day 26 April and lets see if we can rehome even more gorgeous souls in to loving, caring homes.
Til then, from all here at FDR, please take care and keep safe  everyone – bye for now x

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