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Forest Dog Rescue News & Updates


July/August Newsletter 2013

Posted on August 21, 2013 at 5:06 PM
July/August Newsletter 2013
Hello everyone! Many apologies for a very late July but a very early August Newsletter!
My only excuse is we’ve been really busy with fundraising events, which have all gone astonishingly well (apart from one which I’ll get back to later) then there’s always work to be done here there and everywhere...  have I got you wiping your eyes on your sleeve yet?...if so, that me out of the dog house for now at least! lol you’re far too kind x  
Right, away we go... 18 lucky dogs left us squeaking (puppies) barking and generally jumping for joy to go into their new families during July, there were Mitzi, Pepper, Laddie, Mojo, Ollie, George, Ella, Gizmo, Molly, Belle, Wally, Eva, Poppy and all the puppies, Murray, Geisha (now Daisy), Ariel, Isaac and finally Teddy (now Boz). What a smashing month for re-homing!
And so far this month (August) there’s Sooty, Jess, Rex, Charlie,Rosie, Minnie, Bruno, Pippa (Sally) Ally, Priest, Blossom and Percy!
All are doing well and there’s already some updates on FDR’s Face-bookfor all to enjoy. Always a pleasure to get updates and see the happiness they have finally found and truly deserve.
Events through July were a great success and most so far this month have been fantastic apart from one on the 4 August, the Trimpley SteamRally & Fun Dog Show was a complete washout, such a shame, so much work and effort had gone into this day but even so, visitors still enjoyed themselves the best they could and were so supportive too. You have to admire all that were there that day, smiling their way through a very wet and soggy Sunday!
Work is still ongoing in the “Memorial Garden” and many thanks to a very kind couple, Val and Keith, we now have a beautiful decked area to enhance the peaceful water feature cupped in the middle, such kindness inspires more plans in the pipeline, it’ll take a while to flourish but when it does, we’rehoping it will invite people to come and sit close by and slip in to their memories in a place of peace and tranquillity.
Remembrance plaques can also be placed at a later date if anyone wishes to remember any who have crossed Rainbow Bridge, please ask Anne for details if required. 
FDR gardens are still going strong, some plants still to bloom in a month or so, the rabbits have contributed their bit too by munching away earlier in the year and have now encouraged flowering to shine a little later but stronger, bless them. More bulbs to go in soon so next spring should be even better than last, fingers crossed. Many thanks to all who have contributed to any requests put out on our face-book page; you have made the gardens what they are today, thank you.
Thank you for joining us once again and as always thank you so much for your continued support, see you again next month when we be able to chat about the success of FDR’s “Annual Summer Fete”! , til then stay safe and keep well,bye for now x

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