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Forest Dog Rescue News & Updates


April Newsletter 2013

Posted on May 3, 2013 at 5:10 PM
April Newsletter
April started off really well! We had our first Car Boot at Green Gap, all the dogs enjoyed the extra company on a cool but sunny day.
Jessie Jay got herself noticed and was rehomed within no time, this was really exciting for all at Green Gap because Jessie Jay was one of our long stayers, she has been so patient and finally it was her turn to say goodbye and live the life they all so deserve.
Beau, Hero and Buster also joined their forever families and have settled in really well, which has got to be a little scary for any dog who has to start all over again. They try so hard to please and to not put a foot wrong, I can't imagine how strange and maybe a little lost and confused they must feel for a few days and then finally start to relax, feel safe and finally realise they are at home at last, their trust is so humbling.
All the other April Events went down a treat, the Bag packs at the Co-op and Asda were fun and very entertaining, the sun shone down on us St George's Day and finally the Spring Sponsored Walk was a great success even though the weather wasn't very kind!
Spring did finally arrive during part of April and it gave a very welcome break for the volunteers and staff at the kennels, at last the fields have started to dry out and even the dogs seem to have that special spring smile while walking in the welcome sunshine. The grounds are starting to show colour in FDR's new gardens  and Sarah has brightened up the area around the kennels with all her gorgeous colourful tubs so everything in the garden is coming up roses, long may it continue!
Well that's it for this month, short and sweet for April I know but I'm sure May will be a much busier month to report back on, so please enjoy May yourselves and we'll catch up soon, bye for now. x 

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