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Forest Dog Rescue News & Updates


Happy Tails - March 2016

Posted on May 2, 2016 at 5:03 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

We start March 2016 with Mollie! 

Mollie - just thought we'd update you on Mollie. She came home on Saturday. She has been an immediate hit with all our friends, family and neighbours. She hasn't put a foot wrong and is settling in really well and bringing us so much joy already. She was quite nervous to begin with - and not sure what to expect from everyone, but already within 4 days she is wagging her tail much more and starting to make herself at home. Thanks so much for her. We will do everything we can to make her a happy doggie as long as we have the pleasure of sharing our lives with her.
Here is Mollie with her new best friend from over the road, Cozy.
Evening cuddles with Mollie.
Kirsty Fletcher-Burns

Homer - A week in and Homer (now Fergus) has settled well! Only 1 puddle in the house (on tile). Enjoys the school run and big walkies! It is always a great game to play hunt the missing slipper, sock, cushion, dog coat, teddy...... Oh, he's very cleverly trying to cover his mess in the garden!!! Never did like mowing the lawn any way!!!

Ted aka Kingston - Shhhh here's a quiet update on sleepy boy Ted (formerly Kingston) lol

It's coming up to 2 years since we adopted Ted (was Kingston). He's totally bonkers, but very happy as you can see, and soooooo loved. Thanks again. X

Milo aka Juno - Here are a few photos of Milo (was Juno). He's loving his long walks, especially to the pub, & loves to look at himself in the mirror haha!

My Kevin from FDR 
just love him

Maggie and Saffie - A lovely picture sent in of Maggie and Saffie looking bright eyed and ready to go, thanks Sue

Luna - Still the best of friends x 

Flick - We had Flick (springer spaniel) from you a few years ago. Thought you might like to see him in action at the N.E.C recently. It was his first time in the arena doing an agility demo with my daughter, as part of the '       Barkaway Bullets Junior Dog Agility Team' and he really enjoyed it!

Ellie aka Alesha - Well I've just been given a lovely warm bubble bath as my new Mommy & Daddy said I smelled yukky. How rude !! Now I'm all dry and fluffy and having cuddles with my Daddy. I love my new forever home and family and are settling in nicely. Thank u FDR for taking care of me and letting my family adopt me.  Love to you all   Ellie (was Alesha) xx

Indi - Hello Ladies
Little picture of the beautiful Indi occupying herself with a bone! All wounds doing well. Bandages off on Saturday then stitches out and bucket off next week...then serious play and training can commence!
Indi's had her stitches out and bucket off...what a relief!
Going to show her off to my colleagues now!
we're all happy here! Indi has gone happily to play with her friends at day care today, loves going! We're getting ready for a week's holiday at the lovely dog-friendly Low Nest Farm (look it up!) in Cumbria on 18th and it will be so lovely to have darling Indi with us. We let her off the lead on the golf course on Sunday and did some recall training and she was amazing! Happy days!
Just started a week's holiday at Low Nest Farm, Keswick. Lots of doggy fun being had!
X Veronica 


Nelly - Gorgeous girl Nelly and just look at those super ears, thanks Sarah :-)
We rehomed Nelly from you in 2011.  
We still have Nelly, but have moved house since we rehomed her from you. 
I should add that Nelly has developed into a loyal, good natured dog, she is a delight
We love her dearly and are so proud of the dog she has become . She was really difficult at first, wrecked the house on more than one occasion but we persevered and she is as good as gold now  
Just to show her out and about. She has great recall but better to be safe than sorry :-)

Pebble - We have a sad post to share from Ian, please accept our condolences Ian and thank you again for allowing us to share beautiful girl Pebble rip gorgeous girl X

With great sadness i have to let you know that Pebble we got from you in Jun 2009 has gone over Rainbow Bridge into our memories R.I.P our sweet lady.

Patch - I was spoilt today by my new doggie mum I shared the roast dinner.!!Thanks FDR for finding my new family love from Patch xx

Rosie aka Tweadle - Happy Mother's Day ! Thank you for finding me the best mom     ever love Rosie Puddin (aka tweadle).

Happy Mothers Day 
love from Arfur

Molly  - Sweet update from Molly who has been with her family for 5 years now, reckon we can safely say she has settled in nicely then lol - wonderful pictures of Molly especially the one where she has fallen asleep with her beloved ball bless her.
Her favourite activity is chasing balls and she was not going to let this one go out of her reach even after a spell of ball catching earlier lol many thanks Gwyneth :-)

BUD - This is Bruno and Dudlee (Bud) as you can see everyone needs a bum for a pillow

Bobbi & Sonny- New Found Friends...
On the left, Bobbi (formerly Tinsel) adopted at the end of February. On the right, Sonny adopted October 2013. Both now enjoying their new found friendship in a bit of rarely seen sunshine. A friendship made possible by Forest Dog Rescue. FDR, your good work continues long after the dogs have left your kennels. Thank you x

Lola & Bailey – formerly Isla & Cooper –
Hello forest dog rescue, Lola here (formally Isla) I just wanted to let you know how well that I am getting on! I'm extremely happy in my new home 15 months on, bailey (formerly cooper) and I are the best of friends, I couldn't imagine us not being together. My humans, I adore, especially Rebecca. She has never given up on me and continues to take me to regular dog training, I am now trusted to run off the lead and I do not pull on the lead anywhere near as much! Here's a few pictures of us, please share them with Alison. All our love Lola and Bailey. XXXX

Shadow - We have some amazing pictures of Shadow in his new home, they alone speak volumes. thank you so much both and please keep them coming :-)

I know Shadow only came to us yesterday but it seems like he's been here ages. He is so funny at times with the noises he makes (talking, grumbling etc). He has watched the TV and barked at a dog on there. He has laid down in such funny positions. We bought him a new collar and lead today and a rope toy which he loves. He has spent the whole weekend with both of us and had a great time. The eye drops have been no problem. John seems to be Alpha male and Shadow follows him round.
You are quite right he is very food orientated and as soon as the cupboard door opens (the one with the dog biscuits in) he is there. As soon as one of us puts a coat on he is ready to go out!

Glad you found a loving home mum. I am well and would love to see you again soon. Love sky x

                                                           Stanley - Watch driver about! 
                                                           Stanley is on the road!!

Poppy - 3 months tomorrow we have had little Poppy. She's just a pleasure. Can't believe no one wanted her! She's such a good girl

Dudley - Here is a photo of Dudley bounding around this morning. He has now been with us for almost 3 months and has settled in so quickly. None of us know what we did with ourselves before he came as we now walk around 60 miles a week with him! Thank you to Forest Dogs for all you do. — in Cleobury Mortimer.


Kerry - Happy Easter to you all from "slimline" Kerry. See how much weight she's lost, she really is a good shape now. She is the most well-behaved, gorgeous girl and we are perfect for each other. Thank you again for letting her into my life.
Beryl and Kerry

Hector aka Bounty - Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that Bounty, or as we know him, Hector, has settled in well at his new home. He has taken the journey, cats and new home in his stride and is just amazing fun. We will see you at your open days and we also have stuff we can bring to some of your car boot sales.
Thank you for finding Mr Hound for us, we will keep you updated with his progress, he is our little ray of light.
Andrea & Rob

Zoe - someone has made themselves at home on the sofa after a restless night and a few mishaps.... it's all so new.... We are loving her to bits..... THANK YOU to all at Forest Dog Rescue for letting us have this beautiful little girlie.

Nell had a lovely time at a farm today. Ran round and round. Even enjoyed watching the horses. Wonderfully well behaved girl. She is an absolute pleasure to us. Thank you again FDR.


                                                     Little Maggie! 
                                            Happy Easter to you                                                       too little one lol 

                                                                            "Happy Easter everybody xxx"

Mollie springer - Mollie is having a lovely time in a cottage holiday in Devizes. She is doing really well and has settled into our family perfectly. XXXX

Spartacus - Hi All
I thought I’d share these photos of Spartacus happily out and about and hope these reach you okay. He is learning fast and has improved a great deal with the cats. A lovely boy who is well loved by everybody who meets him. Thank you for your help over the past four weeks.
Regards  Sue Corfield and Hugs for Sparty!!!

Happy 1st Gotcha Day Macy! 

A year ago today I bought little Macy into our lives and what a year it has been. Happy 1st gotcha day Mini May.. 

                                                         Hello there all you lovely lot..Love Tizer..xx

Benson - As you can see from the attached pics Benson is now off lead (the last pic is the effect it has!) – we kind of just bit the bullet and tried it a couple of times and hoped for the best and its paid off!! We walked all the way from Highley to Arley on Friday off lead – he is miles ahead but when he cant see you he comes running back – not quite when you call him yet – but it’s a massive step and I have to be honest something I never thought would happen – he gets much better walks and so do we – having let him off in your enclosed field, we just thought we would try him as we desperately wanted him off lead on the beach later in the year too…Thanks again for all your guidance and help over the year or so and continuing – really appreciate it xx

Toffee likes to sit as close as possible for maximum warmth and comfort... For him. He also loves a good lounge in the sun on what used to be the spare bed, obviously now this is his room  wouldn't have him any other way

Kermit aka banjo - Hi guy,s. Banjo ( Kermit ) has settled in really well and sky being so good with him. He likes playing with the toys lol 

Willow - Hi an update from willow the day before her 1st birthday I think she's saving her energy for tomorrow

Angel (Paisley) has settled in very well. She didn't mess in the house apart form a Wee wee on a training pad she lets us know if she needs to go out. She's full of beans and me and mum took lots of photos of her first night at home. We walked her and she doesn't pull after a few minuets she's fantastic.

Maggie aka Ella - This soppy girl has been in our family a whole year today. We love her so                                            much - thank you Forest Dog Rescue for our 
                                           Maggie (Ella)!!

Crystal - Hi all, 
Thought you might like to know that Crystal has passed her Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course. We are so proud of our little gal!  
KCGCDS Bronze award lessons commence in two weeks - will keep you posted.

Luna (Amber) is home and bouncing around her new home seeing what she can find

It's nearly Billies 1st Anniversary with us! She's a lovely girl. We've sorted skin problem, she was allergic to a lot of foods. She now loves walks and plays with kids and sociable with dogs. (We got her spayed too) Hard work paid off! Thank you xx

Lily aka Caramel -Hello to my lovely friends and carers at Forest Dog's me Lilly!! (Caramel) My new mummy took me home this Monday. I've truly settled in quickly and love my family and the garden which I have been busy exploring and learning to play with a ball.I love travelling in the car and don't think I had ever been up stairs before but now I fly up because I follow my mum absolutely everywhere! we do everything together.,I've had some lovely walks and seen some nice things.I have also become good friends with my nannies dog who has walked with me on Hartlebury Common. I've also explored the canal near where I live and loved seeing the ducks! I really am having the time of my life and feel showered with happiness and love which I desperately needed to move on from difficulties in the past.The family cats are still not too keen on me but we are working on this and hope to be good friends soon.Will come up and see you all at one of the events soon.Thank you  xxx

We hope you have enjoyed this months “Second Chances” now named “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to [email protected] – we look for hearing from you!



Happy Tails - February 2016

Posted on April 15, 2016 at 5:39 PM Comments comments (0)
Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

                                                                      We start February 2016 with Eddie! 

Eddie 1 - Eddie looking very smart after being clipped & groomed

Rosco - Would just like to let you know Roscoe is a very happy dog, I've had him just over a year now and he is very loving and loved so much x.

Patch - Wow Patch, you look a million dollars lad! Loll Christine Hateley
I've been spoilt,had a grooming,bath blow dry ,fur tidy up ,nails done .I feel really posh – I’m a real poser, love havin my photo taken 

Freddie aka Puggles- just a note to say that, judging from these pictures, Freddie seems to be enjoying his new home. - Freddie on his first holiday xx
 Jenny, Catherine and Freddie

Noodle - Just wanted to let you know that Noodle (aka belle ) is 1 today .Time flies

Wickett - Introduced Wickett to the beach today, spent most of the time staring at the sea and not knowing what to do

Maxie - We've had Maxie for nearly six years now. He loves to snuggle. Max takes over the sofa.
Little Eddie - Hi Eddie 
I'm loving my new home, spoilt rotten.
My mum takes me to the club every Tuesday, lots of tit bits when mums not looking. hehe
There's music to entertain us and I join in!
We had a great time at the Christmas party, I was quite the gentleman in my New Year jacket so you will be having some photos soon.
I look after the bungalow and my mum when we have callers, I inspect them and growl and bark if I don't like.
Aunty Val takes me out twice a day and we have lots of fun!
We all have a nap in the afternoon, I use mums tummy as a pillow and Chilli wraps herself round her neck.
Mum had to go to hospital last week, I couldn't go so I went to my new mates house, Phoebe. Kita and Seamus, we had lots of fun chasing round the garden. 
Cheerio for now, will be in touch again
love from Eddie and my mum Pam and Chilli
Hi, it's me again - don't I look a proper gent in my outfit, I made a good Santa paws!
I had a lovely time at the Christmas party, we had some singers to entertain us, they were up on the stage, went up and looked them over, joined in when the singing started, I got a bit tired so I went back to my mum and had a sleep.
Father Christmas came and gave out presents to everyone. He called my name, gave me a present, I ripped it open, it was my own piece of ham! Yum yum!
Well got to go now, will send more pictures soon
Love Eddie x

Scooby thought he was an eskimo yesterday.. 

Today he wants to be a platypus..

Storm has been with us for about six months now. He's slowly settling in. Here he's showing off the funny way he sometimes folds his ear. I do adore him! Storm with his older brother x — at Foskett's Fold..

Forest has settled well into his new home and has spent lots of time exploring Ledbury today. He is lovely! Thank you for looking after him and preparing him so well for his new home.
He has three new beds to choose but just for tonight he is enjoying a human bed! Xx
Forest - Day 1 vs Day 8  xx
Max aka Lex - Hi I'm Rex
Just arrived in Malvern seems a nice place  Chris says he is going to introduce me to some new friends , so looking forward to the future  Just met two nice ladies Chris says they work upstairs, anyway hopefully weather will be better tomorrow and then can have a proper look round. Think might have a bit of lunch Just to let you know in celebration of my arrival in Malvern I have decided that from now on I will be known as MAX !!!!!! Time for some rest - Well 1 night down don't think I did anything to bad paws crossed. Just had a nice walk, few yapping dogs but couldn't be bothered to answer back. Seem to have an upset tummy dam thing started before I left the kennels but hopefully if I can stay here it will clear up, mind you don't stop me chewing on this bone hope it not just a one off and he likes me enough to get another. Anyway better day so out again later

Bronte wanted to tell you she's thoroughly enjoyed her morning walk today enjoying freedom but coming happily back when recalled and proudly showing us her best swimming skills for the first time too. One happy little girl -

Rolo aka Rhys - Here's Rolo (was Rhys) renamed as he loves to have his belly rubbed. He has settled in really well, loves chasing the chickens and the vacuum cleaner! Today we were brave enough to let him off his lead and he came straight back. Happy little chap.

Bengi aka Beethoven  - Just to give a little update on Beethoven (now know as Bengi) Bengi is the most loving and loyal lad, everyone who meets him falls in love. Each day he makes us laugh with his comic ways. His best game is chasing any birds out of the garden and orchard. He spends most of the time looking up at the sky for any birds that he manages to trips over his own feet  :-) Bengi and his companion Ruby adore one another and love exploring the garden together. We love him to bits! The Jones family xx

Willow 1 aka Wookie - Hello everyone, yesterday I met a lady at Absolutely Barking Agility Addicts show, I didn't get her name and when she said she worked at Forest Dog Rescue we told her we had Willow (formerly Wookie) from there. She asked me to post an update. We had him just over twelve months ago and he soon settled in well with his new friend Milo. He has started his agility training and we are hoping to start competing later in the year.

Willow 2 - I don't think Willow wanted to party with us!!!!! Lol

Mia has been with us for a week now and we have discovered her favourite thing in the whole world (after cuddles and home comforts) is water, the muddier the better. She would play all day digging and retrieving balls from ponds, lakes and streams if she could. She gets so dirty you can't even tell what colour she is but soon cleans herself off and is surprisingly low maintenance for a white dog.

Ford -I am much happier- not panting much at all (except when there is chance of food!).

Indie aka Ruby - Just home after very long and slow M6 journey. It's play time and all is well.
Thank you for our beautiful baby. I'll keep in touch
.X Veronica, Wayne and Indi

Maisie aka Daisy - Hi all at forest  just a little email/photos to let you know that I'm settling in well with my new carers ( Nita, Anthony, Alik and mollie)... Iv made some new doggie friends and slowly but surely doing what I'm told as I go to doggie training  all so have a new name now " Maisie"..... well must go now as I'm late for work  many thanks to you all x

Meg aka Orla – Pleased as punch J

Sky aka Shield - We enjoyed a visit from Sky today (formerly Shield) doing brilliantly
Tess - "I'm nearly a year old now and look how much I've grown! I still chew anything I can get my teeth into, door frames, the door step, baskets & beds, toys and chew sticks - nothing slows me down! , My human Cameron who volunteered at kennels a few years ago has started doing a-level photography at school so here's a couple of photos of me up the field, a real action shot, I'm super fast!, I get on really well with Cleo (another fdr dog my humans rehomed back in 2012) we love to play chase & cuddle up together, she's the brown dog. Well got to go and chew my basket as it's well past my bedtime, I'll keep you posted with my adventures as we're moving house next month where I will have lots more space to run riot!" Love Tessie bear x

Eric - Hi Emma, thought you might like to see a picture of Eric

Chip – so cosy :-)

Bobby - Just to up date you all there bobby has settled in really well with the family and has made a great positive impact on us all.
I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for giving us this opportunity and all your hard work. 
His loving it .

Revel - Just to let you know Revel has settled in very well and made himself right at home he has calmed down lots and has started agility training xx

Milo - This is my gorgeous big boy milo
We love him so much even the cat loves him , so patient waiting to go for his walkxx Katelyn

Indie aka Ruby - Hello Ladies
Just had one week anniversary! Indi has lovely new Union Flag collar, lead and harness. Off to Pets at Home for puppy food! 
She's doing really well. Booked in for spay and dewclaws next Thursday. 
All happy here! 

Philby - We are very sad to let you all know that we had to say goodbye to our lovely foster dog Philby yesterday. We loved him very much and will miss him every day. Thank you Alison for allowing us to look after him for so long and for meeting the never-ending vet bills for his ill-health RIP Philby puffing billy xxx

Minnie - We had a very special visitor today who came along with the rest of her family and hopefully adding a new member to their family, fingers crossed  who remembers gorgeous girl Minnie, this is the slimmer version too bless her. Minnie left us approx 2 years ago and is Stars constant companion. Thanks Ben it was a delight to get another staffie cuddle from this well remembered and loved girl, well done and thank you to Star too for letting Minnie share your lovely life, Minnie in the left for those who don't know her and Star is on the right

Buddy 2 - We have some amazing pictures from Buddy to let us know just what being happy is all about lol

Tammie -  Hello everyone at forest dog!
first off, a huge thank you for giving us a new family member. She has really brought our family closer and has become part of it! 
She has really settled in to our home, she is very lively but also a very sleepy dog. She has had a grooming session and is now fully groomed and more beautiful than ever. 
Tammie loves to play with her ball though is not very toy oriented she just wants hugs and attention.. or food. She loves going for walks but doesnt like to go for too long and sometimes decides to just lay down wherever she is.. she also isnt very good yet at coming when called but that is a work in progress. 
She is training very well to sit and lay down and other basics, but we have had afew accidents on the carpets when it comes to toilet training! whoops! she also has a worrying obsession with socks...
once again from all of us here we thank you for finding us our perfect little family member!
from everyone at Tammies house... and the rest that live here haha!

Baz - Hello there,
Just to let you know that baz the staffie that we rescued off you in 2003 has passed away on February 13th 2016.
He was our much loved little dog.
Loved people and loved life.
He will be sadly missed by so many people.
I am also a volunteer at the shop in ludlow, and think the work you do is amazing.
Many thanks for a lovely dog from your center.

Linda and Richard Preece 

GRACIE - Our 6 month anniversary today! Gracie (KC) very happy and much loved mad spaniel xx Thank you xx

Lottie - Hi quick update on Lottie (formerly Kyla) she is a wonderful, happy dog who loves going for walks. We have just started letting her off the lead in the field and she loves it, she needs a bit of work on her recall (especially when chasing birds!) but we are hoping to do a recall training course with her in a couple of months. We all love her to bits and she makes us smile every day, thank you Forest Dog Rescue xx

Patch - Took Patch for a visit today,I did inform him it was a visit ! he was very happy to meet you all and knew you were the lovely people that took all the horrible matted fur off him.
He quite happily wandered around the front and sniffing (a little of selected hearing when asked to come back) but was well behaved, I was so pleased that they could see how lovely he's become and his lovely bushy tail.Thanks again for all you did in giving me my medium sized smooth coat dog! !!!!!Think he chose us and there's no way would change it.

Bagel aka Belle - Hi Ladies,
Just a quick update for you after 2 weeks of our lovely little ”project”.
As she had no response to Belle we changed her name to Bagel – Bagel the Beagle! You can’t help but smile at that and as her character is coming through more each day and she’s no Belle. We had to get a smaller crate for the kitchen after she worked out that jumping on top of the crate allowed her to get on top of the kitchen work surface where her dentastix lived.
Firstly she is loved! By everyone (of course). Oh actually, not by the cats! They are living upstairs, but that’s the bit that will take the most time.
We bought a stair-gate with a catflap for them, within 1 day she decided it wasn’t just for cats and squeezed through the cat flap… that went back the next day.
Travelling has got better after many “accidents” on the back seat we’ve found the front seat works best... Although it does take a good 15 minute for her to work out which way to face and how to lie down.
She comes to work with me, sleeps in her crate bed happily and gets taken out for toilet breaks by the smokers which is great for us both, saves me getting cold/wet. Has a run along the canal or in the woods at lunchtime most days and then goes to granny and grandad’s to run around their garden/field.
She’s good as gold through the day and the howling when I leave the room is now down to intermittent whining at work. This isn’t so good when she is left downstairs at home or on her own at home, but I’m trying to leave her to it a bit and hope she accepts it, once she does I’ll go back downstairs.
We are still working through the “do not bark and horses” challenge but it’s getting better now she realises they are not a). Giant dogs to play with and b) not going to intentionally mow her down.
She’s fully house-trained now and is sleeping through the night with the crate being a nice place now not a bad place. She’s nailed sit and her lie down improves daily as does “leave”. She’s ok off the lead, but recall is our next major project as she mainly comes back via scent and when she is ready more than when you call her. She’s pretty good on the lead too, not quite walking to heel, but not pulling anywhere near as much.
She’s got herself a loving home for life, much to the cats disgruntlement.
Thanks to everyone, but especially Maz. X

Bud - This is Bruno and Bud sharing the sofa although Bud has kicked off the cushions

Tammie - Hello! it has been awhile since we picked up our little doggie.. we are here to show you an update! Little Tammie a.k.a Myst has been such an awesome addition to our family! She has settled in so well and is learning commands a treat! (though we are still having some accidents on the carpet..) she has put on a little bit of weight she loves going to the park and playing with a ball! but what she loves nothing more than falling asleep in our arms.. very spoilt little pooch!

Benson - So proud of our pup. ..Benson picked up his bronze award tonight at dog training. far has this boy come? ! 
Just shows, time, patience and understanding really pays off and is so rewarding. ..

Cracker - Cracker has settled in well today :-) he was a little bit sick in the car just as we got home so think he may have a bit of the old travel sickness, or he was just nervous. Sat beautifully in the car though, had a run around his new garden and now hes having a snooze xx thanks all . X
Ps He such a delight! Been playing fetch in our garden and we were very suprised to see that he hands the ball back no problem and even does paw for a treat

Sweeney - Sweeney is more spoilt then me !!

Max - Just a quick note to all my friends following my progress, everything good here in Malvern. I am at work full time now, the lads are great met Rob this week I think he probably eats as much as me !!!!!! Chris was right a lot of nice people round here. Anyway just going to have a snooze for half an hour, he is watching that bloody football again !!!!!!!

Thank you all for your fabulous updates this month, please keep them coming!

See you in March for more great updates! :-)

Happy Tails - Jan 2016

Posted on February 25, 2016 at 9:26 AM Comments comments (0)
Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

We start January 2016 with Patch! 
Happy New Year too to you and your family Patch! 

Happy New Year from Patch he says I'm going to have a brilliant 2016 and many more years. Thank you FDR for taking care of me and finding me a new home.xx
Patch waiting for his doggy friend in the field .

Max’s  Birthday today can't believe where time goes thank you so much Forest Rescue

 Sonic and Scramble - Our new boys enjoying Christmas dinner  Happy new year guys X

Maggie aka Vogue - We have a picture from Maggie (formerly Vogue) seen here with her new sister Saffie!  thank you Susan

Lana - Hiya Guys,

Pictures of Lana on Berrow beach in Brean yesterday morning, New Years Eve.
Hope you like the penguin jumper we bought it for her on our doggy holiday to Perranporth last September as she was shivering.
It was a beautiful morning on Berrow beach yesterday but very cold. The beach had lots of dogs for Lana to play with. Lana played alot with a Whippet puppy that wore her out.
Happy New Year!

                                                           Love, Kim, Craig & Lana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                   This is Aero he is a lòving freindly part of the family that we all love


We had this beautiful dog Harvey from you 8 years ago today. He is the most loveable, loyal,funny, daft friend we could ever have. We've had him DNA tested as no one knew what he was he is mainly staffy with Manchester terrier, Australian terrier, miniature poodle, bloodhound and Rottweiler!!!!! A truly wonderful mix the perfect dog. Happy Birthday Harvey xx Jo Styles

 Hi, We adopted Indie in November, we thought you might want to see some pictures and find out how he's getting on.
He has settled in well and has now met all his family, who are back from uni. He is still slightly timid around strangers, but is very loving at home and is quite content to follow us around all day. We have discovered that he likes to scavenge food after the disappearance of some mince pies, half a sticky toffee pudding, the pastry from an apple pie, along with a packet of crumpets (the evidence of which was found in his bed)! Unsurprisingly, the vet says he is now a healthy weight! He enjoys going on walks (as long as it isn't raining) and is now an expert at putting on his harness, despite some struggles early on.
Thanks for everything, we will be sure to keep you updated!
Happy New Year


Just sharing some pics of my dads dog Bailey, who he adopted around 18 months ago from FDR. He is a treasured member of the family and loved by all, very affectionate, cuddly and funny. Couldn't imagine any of us being without him now  xx

Rosey - Hi don't know if u remember Rosey but she is doing really well. Carol Dawson is really looking after her and spoiling her.

Sasha - All we girls love our comforts don't we Sash lol Happy New Year everyone! 

Mila - Hi, as promised some photos of Mila. She's settled in very well, her fur is growing back, she's very affectionate and we're so pleased to have her. She loves playing fetch in the garden with toys and sticks. She's on a long lead out in the forest and it will be a while before we let her off as she loses focus when she sees something to chase, so I'm going to take her to obedience classes.
Best wishes
Jane, Simon, Katherine and Tom Bunyan

Oliver aka Chip - I just took these of oliver - i love the one of him "laughing" lol xxx he's so lovely xxxx 
Looks like Oliver has offered a helping hand lol
just a few more - up the field - look at the state of him!! Xx

Mcgreger (Beano) has really enjoyed his first christmas with us he loved opening his presents this morning. Would be lost with out him now really settled in well. Sending you all our love xxx

Monty & Millie - Hi All. Hope all is well with you. Thought you'd like these lovely photos ( taken by Bethney Taylor) of Monty and Millie , Sophie, Jack, Pippin and Winnie ( the rest of the pack on their walk today. Xxx

Sapphire - 3 weeks since sapphire was adopted and mum couldn't imagine her life without her now keira had taken her under her wing and is showing her the ropes Emma

Milly aka Tilly - Just an update on Millie ( Tilly) she's a joy to have around and keeps us on our toes.

Buster - Just wanted to update the page that our sweet boy Buster passed away just before Christmas at 14 years old. We adopted him from you when he was 1, and have had 13 fantastic years and wonderful memories. Personally, he has been around for over half of my life and it was devastating to lose such a special boy. Thank you for giving sheltering him all those years ago, and giving us the opportunity to have such a special and long-lasting bond. I've attached a picture with one of the best family memories - he'd just come out of a grooming place, and we took him to a pebble beach where he frolicked in the ocean! Thanks again, and you will continue to have all our support for the work you've done and continue to do.- Lucy

Vinnie  Here is an update on my boy Vinnie 4 years on and he is such a beautiful soft boy he even sleeps with his two furry baby cats . Rotties have a bad name this I will never understand. I couldn't be without this dog he is my life xxxx Tina

Arfur - I don't think we're going out for a walk any time soon  lots of Love Arfur xx Louise

Kane -  Just to let you all know Kane is fine and is such a good boy I'm soooo happy with him – Lucy

Wilf -Hello just picked up a very timid Wilf from yourself , until we walked through the door and he's a different dog , thank you so much - Janine

Blaze aka Kosmo - My BLAZE... HEARTY MEAL .SHOWER..THEN A NAP.. so happy to have my boy home, he seems pleased also, was nervous he’d forgotten me.. been a sad long 8wks. If it wasn't for the love n dedication of the team at forest dog rescue..I may not have seen him again, I learnt a valuable lesson...insist on having vets n microchip docs when buying off a private seller...not rely on them sending in post.. A massive thank you from the 
bottom of my heart, TRUDIE XXX

Sassy feeling sorry for herself the evening of the op and of her wound, now healing nicely. 
She is still fizzy, bounding with energy and overflowing with love. Trying to encourage her to 'rest' as the vet recommends is nigh on impossible! She comes to work with me and is loved by all who meet her. Trouble is that all the training I try to do with her, is undone by the world and my mom now! I'll just have to keep trying!
With regards,
Karen Bell

Trixie came to live with us a year ago this coming week. We love her to bits and I think you will agree that she's got her feet well under the table!
Hope all ok with you
Rachael x

Marley - Hi, 2 years ago today Marley (Louie) came to live with us. From a scared lonely little chap, he has turned in to the most loving little character. He is our best friend. here are a few photos. Roger & Jennifer

                   Charlie - Charlie dog and Felix the cat yet again!! Always together xx

Joe -Hi folks
A year ago today we collected our lurcher Joe from your rescue centre it has most definitely been a year of ups and downs tears and tantrums even much wailing & knashing of teeth.
He is a lovely loving boy great with kids & adults gets on very well with our whippet Jack but he has wrenched both my shoulders, broken a bone in my foot caused many bruises either pulling to get to cats or away from dogs I even considered asking you to take him back which upset me badly, now he walks well on the lead and has stopped barking at every dog we see in fact in the last 2 weeks he has been nose to nose with 4 dogs a little scared but not badly AND he only barks, snarls and pulls to chase cats if they move, if they're still he quietly walks past I am so thrilled the hard work is paying off.
Just a couple of the hundreds of photos we have taken
Lots of luv
From Wilma, Neil, Jack & Joe

Bronte - Hi all bit chilly here so I've been snuggling in a place to be. Love to you all there...Bronte  xxx


Nell is a character, she has made our home and hearts complete. Could not be with out her now. I hope her final baby gets her forever home soon.

Macy - Hi, I just wanted to update you on Macy. She has been with me 10 months nearly and she has turned into the most beautiful and loving dogs. She has lost all her fears and loves everyone. 
She lives for her walks and playing ball. She has 3 fur babies who are are best friends. 
I couldn't imagine my life without her. She has bought such joy and happiness to us all. Pictures attached. Xx


Buster - All snug in bed on this cold night x

Poppy - I just wanted to keep you posted about Princess Poppy. She's so loved and she is so funny. Thank you She's so fluffy these days. A ball of love!  I need to return that harness still! I will pop it up one weekend!
Sunshine -Here's a little update on sunshine the collie puppy we rescued off you. She's settled in really well here the children love her and so do we. She's always being spoilt new toys and new bed. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful dog. She's part of our family now couldn't be without her cutie and full of life. Such a great feeling to rescue a dog thank you again for giving us such a beautiful girl 


Sweeney -We are the new proud owners of Sweeney (Fox Hound) he’s been home 15 minutes and his eyes were set on the sofa haha. Welcome Sweeney  –
Nearly a week since we picked up Sweeney he has settled really well so far we couldn't be any happier a great dog we love him millions

Benson - Ah, I'm over the moon this boy has a home. ..we had Benson last year from forest. scared and been mistreated. .he looks like Sweeney. ..really hope Sweeney gives you as much pleasure as Benson has us. ..enjoy xxx ps Benson sends big hugs

Rolf now well settled at home and has come on so well from the scared little chap we rehomed from you x
Adam, Jane & Rolfy x

Blaze enjoying life 

Marley finding a comfy spot to rest on while stealing Milko's body heat! 

Sister Luna (was Wispa). How alike are they!

Alan aka Hunter - A year ago today we adopted 'Hunter' now Alan from you. What a difference a year makes
We wouldn't be without him. He is such a gentle giant x

Tonto - After a month of being with us tonto has settled in nicely. Xx

Lily/Tinkerbelle and Frank hanging out peacefully on the sofa. She's settling in really well. We're so happy to have her... thanks everyone at FDR xx

Toffee doing his usual, squashing me in to the corner for a cuddle or to watch tele with us.
Definitely settled in! 

Milo aka Juno - Juno (now Milo) is settling into his new home really well!

Miss Keeva - Update on Miss Keeva. Still a farm dog at heart but settling into family routine after some interesting adventures in the last 4/5 months. While I look with envy at these home dogs (she still only happy to sleep in at night), I wouldn't be without her. I know you were frustrated at the number of returned dogs in January. As I see it, it's the luck of the draw (rather like having children!). I am committed to this journey. Best wishes to you all at the kennels. Sue Butler

Betty with new bro Tom - Because of all the bad news with so many dogs being returned this January, I thought I'd share a Slightly happy story! This is Betty the jack Russell (formerly Lorri) and Tom at the back! When Betty first came 3 months ago she didn't particularly like mr Tom! But with some hard work And lots of biscuits they can sit with each other, walk around the house happily and stand side by side on walks! (Secretly there becoming good friends) mr Tom who is 13 has had a new leash of life and has started running again! They love barking in tune with each other and taking over my mom and dads bed! She's a great little character to! Here's a photo of them posing this morning!

Hello Barney Boy, you look amazing! thanks Tom

A snap of Mr Barney whilst looking after him this week! Tom


We hope you have continued to enjoy the new version of “Second Chances” now named “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to [email protected] – we look for hearing from you!



Happy Tails - Dec 2015

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Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

We start December with Harry! 

Harry – Two pictures of gorgeous boy Harry of on holiday in Somerset this year. He is such a wonderful boy and we are enjoying him so much - every day with him is fantastic and I may have said so before but he is a real star as my Dad who has Alzheimer's cconstantly as his spirits lifted by 
Harry when he's low - I think he definitely loves him more than us and it's great to see the bond he has with him.
We consider ourselves to be the lucky ones to have him.
He had the best start to his new life being with you and even now he has the little quirk I think he may have picked up from being with you and all the other dogs in your care - did you try to get them in from your garden with the treat tin? He always expected something when he came in from ours!! We've honoured that as it's endearing, and still managed to keep his weight stable lol.
I've attached a couple of photos that we took recently of Dad and Harry in case you'd like to use either of them along with any others too - you can't imagine how much Harry cheers Dad up and he makes him laugh and be interested in things more than we do that's for certain - we're under no illusions about who's the favourite in the family!!
Thanks for your good wishes and a very happy and peaceful Christmas to you and yours and to all the dogs in the care of Forest Dog Rescue - Karen & family 

Tina & Dougal 
Hi everybody at FDR
This is my new Christmas jumper 
Hope you all like it 
I think it's very smart :-)
Especially the poinsettia around the collar 
Dougal is getting his jacket next week :-)

Love from
Tina and Dougal 

Kevin aka Strider 

Hi all just a quick update for you on Kevin (Strider) a week in his new home and he has been fantastic! Couldn't ask any more from him it's like he has been with us his whole life! his character has really come out! He loves spending his time having loads of fuss! He's currently learning 'lie down' which he picked up immediately! He is a real thief when it comes to food haha how he keeps his figure is beyond me!! We are so grateful to you all we don't know how we lived without him!   Kevin says thank you for everything you do and merry Christmas xx Georgie

This is what you get with a dog that has been neglected and Far Forest helped him to become a wonderful member of his new home. I went looking a medium sized dog with a smooth coat! !! But this gorgeous young boy melted our hearts and it's the best thing that's happened 
Thanks again Far Forest for giving us the most beautiful and gorgeous boy so well behaved and good Happy Christmas to you all from Patch and us. Sorry haven't been able to visit recently but will in the New Year.- 
Thanks Christine xx


Petal has had her hair cut and had a bath - Zoe Carter


Hi all,Thanks for the phone call to check on Obi. Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. He is brilliant. He still loves shoes and slippers and has managed to eat the shoe box in the kitchen. He loves the sofa - either to sleep on or eat. We are managing to tire him out with long walks and is currently fast asleep after a big long muddy walk with his Uncle Murphy - a black lab. He loves Harvey our other dog and cuddles up to him whenever Harvey lets him. Sam, our little boy loves him a lot. He's very cuddly and training is generally going well although he prefers to see indoors if it's raining. We're really looking forward to Christmas with him.

Thank you - Love and happy Christmas,
Claire Whittlestone x


Merry Christmas from Cassie!!!



  I think Lottie needs a bigger jumper!! 
  This one's better haha xx


Its thanks to you we have our beautiful Bronte. We have been truly blessed with a fantastic doggy whom we couldnt imagine being without. Thank you to you all xxx Hi all as Christmas fast approaches Bronte just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Christmas & share with you her preparations for her first Christmas with us. She is well and truly getting into the spirit of things and is enjoying her very own treats to. We've been together now just over 3 months and we are all very much looking forward to our first Christmas together. Bronte says the heart best shows the love she feels this year. 

Thank you Forest Dog Rescue & Happy Christmas 

Tizer is so happy here in the forest of Dean...


Monty & George

A few more pics of Monty & George celebrating 2 very happy years with us


Happy Christmas from Maisey :)

Jack aka Ajax 
300 rehomed and we have one of them. Jack (was Ajax when he left you on June 14 this year) is now well and truly one of the family and we just adore him. Here he is with his brother Louis - Jack is on the right. I'd recommend anyone taking on a rescue dog - they are so appreciative and although you need to work with them for a while, it's worth it! Merry Christmas x

Lola & Bailey 

Dear forest dog rescue. Lola and Bailey would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! We can certainly say. Having them in our lives was the best new year gift that we had January of this year! We shall pop up and see you in the new year. Lola sends her love to Alison   xx


Happy Christmas to all at FDR from Monty and us. Thanks so much for making our year by letting us adopt Monty who is the most loving,funny adorable dog ever!!. 
All the best to you all for 2016. Lots of love xxxxxx


                                                                                                         Little Chelsea

Hi all at FDR,

Eric has been with us for 6 months now and he is full of life, love and cuddles - a true Staffie. He is best friends with Buster (who we had from you three years ago) and gentle with little Jessie, he really has fitted in so well. We all adore him! 
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, Love and best wishes,  Vicky and family x


Maggie aka Vogue 

Hi just to let you know she has settled well in her new home, she was a little nervous at first and had a few little accidents, bless her, she has already become very attached to my husband Dean, so do all dogs and children! She ate her tea 100 miles an hour! lol, she is now as you can see snuggled up on the sofa with Miss Saffron who doesn’t mind a bit! Think miss maggie will defo be the boss though! lol, she is happy to run up the stairs and jump on the beds! but won’t walk down the stairs, we have to carry her! Bless. Anyway will update you further on her lush life here. Xxx


Hi everyone at FDR 
Just an update Mommy and daddy went away the weekend and my Hooman sister and her boyfriend came to stay to take care of me we had a fab time she took a photo of me and sent to mommy showing her what fun I was having lying on the bed :-) 

Today mommy skinned me alive with the clippers she said I was a really good boy having my hair cut and sitting quietly but then I trust her not to hurt me. 
I'm all ready for Xmas now and looking forward to my first Xmas with mom n dad. Hope you all have a happy Christmas too.
Love Cooper x

                                                                         Spud & Pop 

                                           Happy Christmas guys from your                                                  holiday two some Spud and Pop xx


Chad has been a very lucky boy this year! Merry Christmas to all at FDR & thank you for everything you do!


Trixie is having a great first Christmas with us! We love her to bits! She loved the Christmas pudding from her FDR Hamper!

Barney aka Dasher 

Here is a photo of Barney (was Dasher) enjoying Christmas in his new home. It's early days but we are all enjoying the festive season. Thank you Forest Dog Rescue for everything you have done x

Hi to everyone at FDR, it has been exactly five months since we collected Marley (formerly Picasso) and just wanted to share this collage so you can see how much he has changed. He is extremely intelligent – especially when it comes to sneaking food from our other two dogs and pinching tennis balls from different dogs at the park! On his walks he likes to greet everyone and play with every dog he sees. We are working on his recall as he likes to pretend he can’t hear us sometimes when he is having too much fun and he can be quite mischievous when he wants to be and knows he is up to something naughty! He loves his toys especially any that squeak or contain stuffing and he is keeping the two older dogs young – with all of the playing and attention! The time has flown by and we can’t imagine life without him. 
Love the Darbyshire family


Today we had a visit from Colt who was adopted from us 2 and a half years ago. He has certainly grown since he went out and looks fantastic. His new mum had nothing but praise for him and he behaved impeccably today. Was humbling to see the mutual love between them.

Dear all at Forest dog rescue,
Just to let you know how well Pippin has settled in and become a much loved part of our family. 
He has the sweetest nature of any dog we have ever owned and has become a very confident, cheeky little chap who loves his walks over the fields around our village.
His favourite activity is hiding his chewy sticks all over the house (including in our beds).
He has brought much joy into our lives and we would like to thank you for all you did for him at the rescue kennels.
                                                        Kind regards Linda, Richard and Lucy Bayliss


I am very proud of my little super star! He has adjusted to everything beyond everyone's expectations. He is brilliant around the horses and his heel work is almost perfect now on and off lead. He is allowed off the lead in the field before and after work so he can have a run and a play. He comes out on the yard with me during the day and can wander around the yard when the big doors are closed while I work. He enjoys playing with the landlord's Lab and a livery's spaniel.
Thanks again for blessing me with Scooby, seen here enjoying a good run in the woods also Scooby has been helping with the horses today!


Hi all,
Just a few pics of Percy...
 Spoilt as ever and still loves his cuddles.


Christmas is such a tiring time 

Eric aka Dandy 

Thought you might like to see how Eric (was Dandy) has been coming along! Was adopted by Martin Westcott and has simply blossomed into a very intelligent and lovable dog. Here is a before and after pic



Yesterday was the first anniversary of Enya's 'Gotchya Day'… can't believe we've had her a whole year! Think it's safe to say she seems quite settled!


Best gift we could have wished for this year! Wickett is getting into the festive spirit a treat!


Hello everyone! Just another little update on Oliver (chip) - look at ths handsome boy with his mate Buster and then chilling with Frank and Eric the cat - i literally woke up with the pair of them on top of me the other Saturday morning! Lol - we all love him with all our hearts x


Just a quick update from little annie who you can see is not quite so little anmore ☺☺ here she is with her big bro tonka waiting for her favourite thing in the world FOOD


My parents dog, Betty, enjoying a good snooze after a tiring first Christmas with the Smith family. I think she was known as Lori?


                                                            Tinker at home and happy with first chew bone


Trying to get comfy.


          Hi thought we'd send you an up date pic of Lucy with her new friend:-)


Stans nice and cosy tonight and we don't blame him brrrrrrr


                                                 Kane with his best mate lay watching 102 Dalmatians

Chester wishes you all Merry Christmas! Today is our 1 year anniversary (Chester is 1 and 5 months) a year ago Chester came into my life ( thanks to you) and changed it for the better. 
He is a lovely doggie, full of energy, always very friendly with other dogs. Loves walkies and cuddles and enjoys a good nap next to the heater. I can’t imagine life without him.
If you are seriously thinking of adopting a dog, & giving him/her a forever home, do it!
Wishing all the doggies to find a loving family soon xxx
Love, Chester & Patty


This is Milo saying hello to the horses

Danny aka Deligate 

Merry Christmas to all at forest dog rescue from Danny aka Deligate


We had a visitor today and bless her little heart, Judy wasn't too sure about getting out of the car to say hello .. Just in 
case they forgot her!! Don't you just love them


All ready then lol have fun little man X
Santa's Little Helper

Happy Tails - Nov 2015

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Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This new page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have been in our care and have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too.

We start with November and to open our new page is dear boy Griffin!!

Griffin dropped by to show us his Halloween 
outfit and boy was he scary hahaha


Harris (stunning looking boy) was adopted 4 years ago and has come on so well, he certainly wasn’t a happy chap in kennels and its always so rewarding to still receive updates after a good period of time.
We often get quite a few updates from visitors to our stall who are more than happy to share their incredibly happy stories since adopting a dog from us, the furthest back I’ve heard since being with FDR was probably one from 14 years ago, amazing!


Dogs who have been rehomed have been adored by many because of their 
character, Monty bear being amongst the many, this fella definitely thinks he's human! 

Lol what can you say, so funny.


Patch is another who is very clever, he very often writes his own stuff and says I've not seen dogs this big before in the field, that’s when he’s not taking a well-earned nap this morning after a nice long walk or watching Paul O’Grady lol Patch’s mom also said he’s doing so well walking off lead now with his recall, just says hello to other dogs and carries on walking, brilliant, well done Patch and family!


Wickett - The cuteness and character of this dog continues to amaze us, Autumn walks and walking really well off the lead now - well done to you too Wickett! 


Ted - I thought you would like this... this lad really loves the camera and like most he is such a natural, here he is dressed up for these cold autumnal days, brrrrr you look so cosy Ted :-)


Emily says: “when Monkey moved into her new home she seemed a little anxious, so we set up the dog crate so she had somewhere to relax if needed, needless to say I think we have nailed crate training this pooch ..... haha – here she is feeling festive and this was taken in November lol


Kane's new family have said he has settled very well and has made himself feel at home, love him to bits. The pictures show just how happy and contented he is when his little mate is back from school. Looking forward to a hug when you visit, see you soon lad!


Sonny  found his new home two years ago and his family say “how quickly they have passed by, two years and one week actually since I picked up my boy from you. What a fab dog he's turned out to be. Thanks Forest Dog Rescue! And a Happy 3rd Birthday to Sonny. See you around xxx”



Sasha - Hi all thought i would send u this of how comfy Sasha is – 

...fireworks not bothering this girl then – adorable



Little Max has had such a hard day and is all pooped out 

and  Candy girl is having a problem getting up the next morning…noooo I love aunty Deb's bed, you’re gonna have to put me in the washer too lol

No matter how brief the updates are, they are always welcome, here’s one from Brody who says

“Hi FDR just to let you know I'm keeping happy and healthy and enjoying every minute love Brody aka Flash!! 

Scooch’s family have sent some amazing pictures and say “
Hi there, sorry it’s taken so long to send some pics! Here’s some of the boy on our walks etc. 

Hope you and the dogs are all well x”

Fascinating update from busy girl Holly and her family 

“Holly has been great and really settled into her new life. Can't believe it’s nearly a year since I've had her. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone!
She's been to dog training as she is a little bit unsure of other dogs when on leads, this is getting better and is very good doing everything asked.

Thanks again for letting me have her - 
 Butter wouldn't melt!


Top Tina - Hi there - Just giving you an update on Tina who we are very proud ofbeing awarded her bronze puppy foundation assessment from the kennel club! She is such a happy and wonderful little dog, we love her and Dougal very much,

 Thank you Maureen and everyone at FDR  - awww so well done Tina!


Chip - Hi everyone - i just wanted to let you know that "Chip" is doing brilliantly - another month on and he is just so settled and happy. We absolutely love him so much - he has brought so much love to our family. I was worried about how he would get on with the cats and I think you'll see from these photo’s that my worrying was for nothing - please could you show Mary when she comes in - the lady who approved us - he really is the most beautiful, kind and lovely boy - we couldn’t have asked for                                                                   more - he's just ACE!!!!

                                                                        Thank you x    
                              ........                                         ...................

Bella - Hi just thought I'd send you some pictures of Elsa who I have now renamed Bella :-)



Hi everyone at FDR,

It’s me Cooper. Mommy has sent you some more pics of me, I'm such a poser for the camera. 

Mommy said I've turned into such a beautiful boy and my coat is growing back really nice since leaving you back in May.

I love to be brushed regularly now and to keep my fur from never getting matted again. I'm a very lucky boy to have such a loving home where I'm always spoiled rotten. Hope you like my pics

Love Cooper x.

Stanley - Stan is cold and loves looking at himself – haha and why not, he’s such handsome boy :-)


Kalisi - Here's an update from pretty girl Kalisi (formerly Gaby) 

She has settled extremely well and already snuggling up with her new buddie Copper J Copper is a lot happier now and they have bonded lol 

Tthank you for letting us have her!!

Lovely picture from little chap Pudsey formerly Yo Yo 

Thanks Jade, think we can safely say he's home bless him.


Harper - Wow! Hello Harper! Hello All, hope you're all well - no doubt workng hard!
Just wanted to update you about little gentle cocker spaniel, Harper, who joined our family last December (can't believe it's nearly a year!). 
She has settled in so well and is thriving. Her confidence has grown and she has relaxed a lot having learnt from her big brother, Woody, who's been helping her with having fun and doggy manners - you can see how happy he is about his new friend J
Harper loves her blankets, toys, chewy sticks and walks - she sling shots across the park every morning following every scent. 
Thank you so much for helping us meet Harper, she's a beautiful dog and a credit to the amazing work you all do. 
Harper will be sending a Christmas present for her many friends staying with you over the festive period.
Big love and best wishes
The Deamer family x

Ruby & Crystal 
Awww fab update from these 2 cuties

Thanks for the phone call earlier today, it's really nice to have the support.

I'm pleased to say that Ruby (Indigo) & Crystal (Scarlet) are now both doing very well. Putting on weight and growing nicely. They've had their final vaccinations and are able to go out; I've attached some photos as promised, one of which is following their walks in the park - I think they were a hit!! We've also started positive reinforcement learning last Tuesday, which is really enjoyable.
I'll keep you posted with photo updates.

Kind regards,

Tinker - Tinker is finally home


Juneau -  Great to hear from this girl - A year in after bringing her home from your kennels and she's more content than ever!!


Bailey – haha -  just had to share this photo with you, this is where I found Bailey when I came down this morning, it certainly made me chuckle, he's such a clever boy, he must of been feeling chilly, bless him  x


Murphy -  (previously Comet) enjoying a Sunday afternoon snooze with his best mate x

                                                       .   ............................   

Max–   we adopted a Lurcher x from you in August.

His name was Hiccup (now Max). 
He's doing great and has grown so much! 
He can now sit, stay, heel, jump up on command, paw….we're still working on recall though lol

Many thanks

                                     ................ ......................

Sunshine - She misses nothing with those ears. 
Our lil miss sunshine


Lovely heart-warming update from Dennis formerly Shadow -  get well soon lad 

Hello I hope you remember us, we adopted Dennis (formerly known as shadow) earlier this year. 

Letting you know he's happy and healthy (apart from a poorly foot- his claw came off! Ran too fast trying to keep up with his papa) and I just want to thank you for doing such a great job. 


Thena - Some pictures from the summer. She has grown a lot since then and is a bit of a nutcase! I particularly like the one of Kellan teaching her to jump.


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